Featured Completed Projects -

  • Foothill Blvd. Bridge over North Branch of Big Tujunga Wash,
    Los Angeles - This project involves widening of a 1921 bridge, a four-
    lane river crossing with 11 spans. The bridge work includes complete
    superstructure replacement, bridge widening, seismic retrofit and
    replacement and enhancement of barrier railings.  Estimated cost is
    $8.0 million.

  • Widening of Overland Avenue Overcrossing over I-10, Los
    Angeles - This project involves widening of a 4-span freeway
    overcrossing and geometric improvement of freeway on-ramps.  The
    scope of work includes railing replacement by incorporating
    architecturally enhanced metal fences.  The total project cost is
    estimated at $6.5 million.

  • Mount Vernon Avenue OH Bridge Replacement, San Bernardino
    - This project involves replacement of an 1,100 foot historic steel
    bridge over BNSF Railway Yard.  CNS assisted the City of San
    Bernardino develop a bridge study report and reprogramming
    documents to secure $22 million HBP funds administrated by Caltrans
    Local Assistance.
Foothill Blvd. Bridge
Overland Avenue OC
Mt Vernon Avenue OH
Featured On-Going Projects -

  • Date Palm Drive / Palm Drive over I-10 Interchanges, Palm
    Springs - The project involves widening of the Date Palm Drive OC in
    the City of Cathedral City, and replacement of the Palm Drive OC in
    the City of Palm Springs.  The roadway improvement includes
    converting the existing diamond-type interchanges into partial
    cloverleaf interchanges.  The total project cost is bout $70 million.

  • Caltrans District 59 Structures On-Call Contract, Los Angeles -
    This project involves two task orders which include widening design
    of two undercrossings on Route 210, and construction supports for
    widening of 4 undercrossings on Route 118 in Ventura County.

  • Grand Avenue Seismic Retrofit, Los Angeles - This project
    involves seismic analysis and development of retrofit strategies for a 6-
    frame concrete viaduct.
Date Palm Drive OC
Fifth Avenue UC
Colorado River Bridge